The Gospel according to Mark

Mark 1:6Eating Honey considered cleanBabylonian TalmudBechoroth 7bGo to Reference
Mark 1:25R. Simeon casting out a demonBabylonian TalmudMeilah 17bGo to Reference
Mark 1:38A village is an unwalled townBabylonian TalmudMegilah 2bGo to Reference
Mark 1:45A leper permitted to enter a synagogue given that they make a partition for him insideBabylonian TalmudNegaim 13.12Go to Reference
Mark 2:4Letting a bier down through the roofBabylonian TalmudMoed Katan 25aGo to Reference
Mark 2:4People would bring food into the house through the roof, so as to not tithe on itBabylonian TalmudGittin 81aGo to Reference
Mark 2:4Things brought in through the roof are not liable to tithesBabylonian TalmudBaba Metzia 88aGo to Reference
Mark 2:16Jewish Belief: Unfit of a scholar to sit at a meal with ignorant peopleBabylonian TalmudBerachoth 43bGo to Reference
Mark 2:27The sabbath for you, not you for the sabbathBabylonian TalmudYoma 85bGo to Reference
Mark 4:30“To what may something be compared?”Babylonian TalmudZevachim 82aGo to Reference
Mark 5:1Gadara, a place with warm baths in SyriaEunapiusLife PlotinusGo to Reference
Mark 5:2Those consulting the dead, starve themselves, stay in cemeteriesBabylonian TalmudSanhedrin 65bGo to Reference
Mark 5:2One should not spend the night in the graveyard so as to have a spirit rest on themBabylonian TalmudNidah 17aGo to Reference
Mark 5:2A man who spent the night in the cemetary considered insaneBabylonian TalmudChagigah 3bGo to Reference
Mark 5:20Gadara placed in the region of the DecapolisPliny the ElderHist. Nat. 5.16Go to Reference
Mark 5:26Extensive list of remedies for a woman’s dischargeBabylonian TalmudShabbath 110bGo to Reference
Mark 6:3Great is torah study alongside work in a tradePirke AvothAvoth 2.2Go to Reference
Mark 6:13Anointing used medicinally for sickness or scabs on the headBabylonian TalmudYoma 77bGo to Reference
Mark 6:45Town of Bethsaida along the Sea of GennesaretPliny the ElderHist. Nat. 5.15Go to Reference
Mark 6:53The land of Gennesaret around the sea of GalileeJosephusWar 3.10.8Go to Reference
Mark 7:2An Am Harez: One who insists on not eating food in a ritualistically clean mannerBabylonian TalmudGittin 61aGo to Reference
Mark 7:3The washing of hands for common food must go up to the joint (wrist)Babylonian TalmudChullin 106a-bGo to Reference
Mark 7:3Hands must be washed for common food, but immersed for consecrated thingsBabylonian TalmudChagigah 18bGo to Reference
Mark 7:4Rules for washing dishes the evening before the sabbathBabylonian TalmudShabbath 118aGo to Reference
Mark 7:4Uncleanness of a tableBabylonian TalmudKelim 22.1-2Go to Reference
Mark 7:11Korban, a thing which is devoted to GodJosephusAg. Ap. 1.22Go to Reference
Mark 7:11Corban, a thing dedicated to GodJosephusAnt. 4.4.4Go to Reference
Mark 7:32One who can speak but not hear, cannot give a TerumothBabylonian TalmudTerumoth 1.2Go to Reference
Mark 8:10Zalmon/DalmonuthaBabylonian TalmudBaba Bathra 82bGo to Reference
Mark 8:23Tradition that the spittle of the firstborn has healing qualitiesBabylonian TalmudBaba Bathra 126bGo to Reference
Mark 8:23It is forbidden to put saliva in one’s eye on the sabbathBabylonian TalmudShabbath 108bGo to Reference
Mark 8:23Vespasian’s spit used to cure a blind manTacitusHist. 4.81Go to Reference
Mark 9:44Fire of Gehenna, where worms shall not die, and the fire not be quenchedBabylonian TalmudPesachim 54aGo to Reference
Mark 9:49The salting of offeringsBabylonian TalmudMenachoth 21bGo to Reference
Mark 12:21In Levirite marriage, the eldest brother’s duty is to take the woman in marriageBabylonian TalmudYevamoth 39aGo to Reference
Mark 13:34A Journey far off, is Modiim or further, 15 milesBabylonian TalmudPesachim 93bGo to Reference
Mark 14:3Alabaster as container for perfumesPliny the ElderHist. Nat. 13.3-4Go to Reference
Mark 14:55Levites only ones that can try capital offensesBabylonian TalmudSanhedrin 32aGo to Reference
Mark 14:55Matter of trial for capital offensesBabylonian TalmudSanhedrin 32aGo to Reference
Mark 14:56For trials, testimonies must adhere as oneBabylonian TalmudSanhedrin 30aGo to Reference
Mark 15:9The Jews murdered their kingMara Bar SerapionEp. 28-36Go to Reference
Mark 15:13Seneca describes the hanging on the cross as “the most pitiable thing in the world”SenecaEp. 101Go to Reference
Mark 15:13Having one’s limbs outstretched on the crossSenecaDial. 3.2Go to Reference
Mark 15:15Someone scourging and crucifying their guideLivyHist. Rome 22.13Go to Reference
Mark 15:15Being mangled with stripes before crucifixionLivyHist. Rome 28.37Go to Reference
Mark 15:20Crucifixion done in the sight of all, as a lessonPolybiusHist. 1.86Go to Reference
Mark 15:20Torture of victim added to crucifixionPolybiusHist. 1.86Go to Reference
Mark 15:21In a dream, if one carries a demon into the under world, it means you will carry your cross to deathArtemidorusOneicritica 2.56Go to Reference
Mark 15:21Every criminal must carry his own crossPlutarchMor. 554Go to Reference
Mark 15:24Crucifixion the most miserable and most painful punishment, for slaves onlyCiceroPro Verres 66Go to Reference
Mark 15:26An inscription, describing why a man was to be crucifiedCassius DioRom. Hist. 54.3.7-8Go to Reference
Mark 16:1Spices and myrrh used for embalmingHerodotusHist. 2.86Go to Reference
Mark 16:1Myrrh that smells as funeralsMartialisEpigrams 11.54Go to Reference
Mark 16:1If there are multiple witnesses they are to be believed, even women and slavesBabylonian TalmudKethuboth 27bGo to Reference
Mark 16:1Mention is made of the spices of the deadBabylonian TalmudBerachoth 51bGo to Reference
Mark 16:3The stone over a grave, and the one propping it up are uncleanBabylonian TalmudOholoth 2.4Go to Reference