Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find all of these documents?

All of these documents are public domain. We have gathered them from various sources, mainly from, but also from Other helpful websites include and

The Citations are not opening to the right page. Why is that happening?

The links, which are labeled, “Go to Reference” should open to the right page of the .pdfs. We have included the page number in the links. However, not every browser is set to utilize that specification. You may need to utilize an adobe plugin to open to the correct page. INformation on those plugins can be found here,

Where did you find these references?

The vast majority of the citations were found from John Gill’s commentary. His care for citations was particularly helpful in building this site. A fair amount too has been personal investigation into specific questions I had. The search feature within .pdfs too has made research much easier.

Do you have any plans to expand the work to include any of the epistles or Revelation?

We have no plans at the moment for expanding this work. We do have some databases related to the other New Testament books, but nothing worth making available to the public. Since the epistles are not historical narrative, the amount of cross-references doesn’t seem to be as critical.

What do I do if I found a broken link?

If you find a broken link, please let us know. We hope to have a semi-regular update to the databases. You can forward any issues to

How can you be contacted?

Contact can be made with the same email as above. We always appreciate feedback, whether it be edits, issues or gratitude. It all can be directed to